• Vision of UBOMUS:

The vision of UBOMUS is to establish a society free from discrimination and poverty through technology transfer, creating income generation opportunity and becoming self-reliant.


  • Background of UBOMUS:

Upokulio Biddutayan O Mohila Unnayan Samity (UBOMUS) is a cooperative initiated by 35 vulnerable women of Char Montaz island under Rangabali Upazila of Patuakhali District. It started its journey in 1999 with the help of Prokaushali Sangsad Limited (PSL) under ESMAP (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program), World Bank, to develop a self-reliant micro-enterprise bringing lighting and other energy services for their community for improving their socio-economic condition. During the last two decades, it expanded activities to 14 districts of Bangladesh including Bhola, Barisal, Pirojpur, Jalkhati, Khulna, Bagerhat, Madaripur, Shariatpur, Chandpur, Laxmipur, Noakhali, Comilla, Dhaka and Chittagong districts.


The goal of UBOMUS is to improve quality of life through empowering vulnerable women, technology transfer and energy service delivery. To achieve the goal UBOMUS has helped in engaging women in development of different types of micro enterprises, solar energy delivery etc. UBOMUS turned its focus on the long-term issue of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor in rural areas of the country. At present, UBOMUS promotes income generation for the poor, mostly for the coastal people, through Solar Home Systems, energy service delivery, education and training. UBOMUS serves as a cooperative, where the poor women can collectively address the key structural impediments to their development. UBOMUS is developing their members’ income generation capacities. But it also gives emphasis to training of its members engaged in livelihood trades and income generating activities and in facilitating their linkages with consumer markets. UBOMUS's social development initiatives are designed to increase members' awareness of their rights and responsibilities and to facilitate ways of tackling discrimination in their communities and their region.

UBOMUS is implementing different projects through its 148 Branch Offices in the respective 14 districts. It has 550 skilled and experienced staff. At present, it is implementing 3 projects on developing Solar Home System, Entrepreneurship etc. It has already completed 20 projects successfully with the technical and financial assistance from different donors and international organizations including UNDP, DANIDA, World Bank, IDCOL, LGED, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief, Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd etc.

UBOMUS is operating its activities following different policies, guidelines and manuals including Human Resources and Administration, Financial Policy, Gender Policy, Child Protection Policy, Store Management Policy, Disaster and Risk Management Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation Guideline Policy, Travel Policy etc. and all the policies are approved by the authority of the organization. 


List of Major Donor Supported Projects implemented by UBOMUS

Serial No Name of the Project Location Name of the donor

Total Budget in BDT

Beneficiary Major Activities

Opportunity for Women in renewable Energy utilization in Bangladesh


Charmontaz, Golachipa, Patuakhali ESMAP, PSL/WORLD BANK 5,000,000 20,000

> DC lamp and charge controller assembly training for coop members

> DC lamp marketing

> Battery Charging station setup and Operation

>Electricity service to local market and household through diesel operated generator

>Awareness build up to local and fishermen’s     community.


Entrepreneurship development Program

2003-till to date

Charmontaz, Golachipa, Patuakhali Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd. 600,000 1500

> Business training for cooperative members

> Accounting training for cooperative members

> Management training for cooperative members


Solar Battery Charging station


Charmontaz, Golachipa, Patuakhali


Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd


> Quality battery charging for lead acid battery users

> Battery rental service for school going children to provide quality light for education


Aquaculture Project


Charmontaz, Golachipa, Patuakhali DANIDA 200,000 100 families

> Training for integrated ‘gher’ farming

> Cage fish culture


Computer Training program in secondary school


Island of Golachipa and Rangabli upzila Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd. 8000 student / year  

> To introduce computer training for remote island

> To introduce Solar energy for computer education


Solar Home System Project (REREDP)

2004 – till to date

16 district

62 upzila

IDCOL 911,010,676 74000 families and institutions

> install solar home system to house hold

> Provide after sales service

> Ensuring installment collection.

> Training for house hold to optimum use of solar home system


Renewable Energy systems under TR KABITA Program

2015- till to date

24 Upzillas Ministry of disaster management and relief, Government of Bangladesh 907,798,230 37000 families

> install solar home system to house hold, schools, madrasahs, mosque etc

> solar street light installation for community lighting

> Solar irrigation pump installation

> ensure post installation service


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